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Winchester Milk Run with Kerianne

2022-08-25 Distance: 78.3 km Time: 4h 15m (3h 35m moving) Avg. Speed: 21.78 km/h Elevation: 162 m

πŸ„ Some road-like gravel!

Really nice gravel route full of 90 degree turns! Originally found in RideGravel.

The drive is about an hour long from Ottawa but definitely worth it. You'll be welcome by a quaint little town full of cow-decorated street posts πŸ„

Lots of turns but not too many chill spots! we recommend stopping by the gazebo in our map

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map of Winchester Milk Run with Kerianne

About Winchester Milk Run πŸ„:

Alright, saddle up and let's hit the trail, folks! I've got the lowdown on a groovy gravel route that'll take you through a journey filled with scenic wonder and adventure!

This gravel route? It's got a cool vibe, almost like you're riding on an actual road. Full of right-angle turns, it's a bit of a maze, but in a fun, twisty kind of way.

From Ottawa, buckle up for a 1-hour drive to reach this gem. It's located in a quaint little town that has a thing for cow-decorated street posts - a super fun touch!πŸ„ It's like getting a warm, moo-ving welcome right off the bat!

This route doesn't come with many chill spots to take a breather, so make sure you plan your stops well. But hey, there's a gazebo marked on our map that makes for a great pit stop. So don't miss out on that!

Credits are due to RideGravel, where we originally found the route.

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