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Winchester Milk Run 🐄

🐮 super fun ride, full of turns! 🐄

Alright, saddle up and let's hit the trail, folks! I've got the lowdown on a groovy gravel route that'll take you through a journey filled with scenic wonder and adventure!

This gravel route? It's got a cool vibe, almost like you're riding on an actual road. Full of right-angle turns, it's a bit of a maze, but in a fun, twisty kind of way.

From Ottawa, buckle up for a 1-hour drive to reach this gem. It's located in a quaint little town that has a thing for cow-decorated street posts - a super fun touch!🐄 It's like getting a warm, moo-ving welcome right off the bat!

This route doesn't come with many chill spots to take a breather, so make sure you plan your stops well. But hey, there's a gazebo marked on our map that makes for a great pit stop. So don't miss out on that!

Credits are due to RideGravel, where we originally found the route.

🚵 Elevation Gain: 162 meters, this is about average elevation 👀

🗺️ View Map of Winchester Milk Run 🐄

Map of Winchester Milk Run 🐄


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