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Adventure Ride: Storm Apocalipsis

2022-05-24 Distance: 69 km Time: 5h 26m (3h 53m moving) Avg. Speed: 17.76 km/h Elevation: 364 m

This ride was crazy! We combined Bike Bums with the Really Like Bikes discord gang.

Ottawa had a major wind storm in May 2022 (up to 190km/h!), and many trees in the greenbelt and all around the city were completely down, including power lines.

This was definitely an adventure ride. We got on/off the bike countless times, got bit by mosquitoes, and rode endless gravel.

Chef-kiss ending by Shirley's bay 🌅

10/10 a very unique ride that may never happen again


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map of Adventure Ride: Storm Apocalipsis

About Greenbelt 🌳:

Discover the lush scenery of Ottawa's protected Greenbelt, a haven of green space, forests, farms, and wetlands encircling the downtown core.

Embark on a cycling adventure to experience the variety of trails and routes within the Greenbelt, each offering their own unique charms and challenges. Don't miss out on the scenic gravel paths that wind through this natural oasis!

If you want an ultra-long version, check out the century loop.

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