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Afternoon Ride

2022-05-18 Distance: 50.21 km Time: 2h 16m (2h 2m moving) Avg. Speed: 24.5 km/h Elevation: 344 m

washed my bike and took it for a spin 😍 I think i’ll switch to my road tyres, gotta go faster!

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About Wesley Clover & Shirley's Bay:

If you keep riding past Britannia there's a street light in Carling, if you keep going you'll slowly make your way to Wesley Clover Parks (Google Maps), so far this is all really nice bike paths surrounded by trees on all sides.

If you take the right turn, you'll start riding on a really fun stretch of gravel, ending in Shirley's Bay. A great place to chill and have a picnic.

If you're hungry, Greek on Wheels is not too far 🥙

🚗 Driving? There is parking near National Defence or by Shirley's Bay itself.

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