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Pink McDonald

2021-07-23 Distance: 39.74 km Time: 2h 48m (1h 49m moving) Avg. Speed: 21.73 km/h Elevation: 339 m
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About Pink Lake in Gatineau Park:

For cycling enthusiasts looking for a challenge, Pink Lake in Gatineau Park is an absolute must-ride. This route offers a great workout with plenty of uphill sections, but the rewards are well worth it: breathtaking views and thrilling descents that can reach up to 60km/h!

Gatineau Park itself is a world-class destination, and Pink Lake serves as an excellent starting point for exploring its many attractions. From here, you can easily visit Champlain Lookout, Taylor Lake, and even Wakefield.

For an added bonus, note that the National Capital Commission (NCC) typically closes roads to cars for much of the summer. Check out the Road Closure Schedule to plan your ride accordingly and enjoy a car-free experience.

While this ride can be quite demanding, even for experienced cyclists, it's certainly doable for newcomers with some training and preparation. We recommend bringing sugary snacks to avoid muscle soreness and staying away from the bunk!.

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